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Something came up in Sunday School this morning that God has been making abundantly clear to us these past couple weeks…there are no coincidences. When you pray for something, wait patiently and then it happens it’s not a coincidence. It’s an answer to your prayer. We certainly don’t always get what we pray for (thank goodness!), but there are those times in your life when you pray earnestly for something that is in God’s will and you see him do amazing things. We find ourselves in one of those times and the only response we can find is one of gratitude and awe. We have prayed to both feel passionate about this adoption if we were supposed to do it…and we do. We have prayed for people to come forth who have used this ministry, adopting through Ukraine and who are local so we might be able to meet them…we’ve found 2 families. We’ve prayed to start finding some contacts within the country and suddenly 3 of our friends and family have told us of missionaries they know living there and we found out today one friends’ Dad has worked with a whole network of churches in the Ukraine for the past 16 years. We’ve prayed that people would offer to help with childcare while we’re overseas and we now have 2 options of where to leave them. We’ve prayed for people to come along side us and help us bear the load of fundraising and the first thing I heard as I walked into church this morning was, “So what do you need? Will you need help with funds? How can we help?”

We have a very long road ahead of us and it’s overwhelming when we talk about how much money we have to raise so quickly, how we’re going to balance working on the adoption with our normal responsibilities, how we’ll get all the paperwork done on time and still get any sleep and how we’ll manage the craziness around traveling and leaving our kids. And then I remember that this was all God’s idea in the first place. It’s HIS plan and HIS job to make it all work. He’ll give us plenty of jobs to do as he works out the details, but it’s a relief to remember we don’t have to do this on our own or in our own wisdom.

I want to end with a quote I read on a friends’ blog that really sums up where I feel like we are right now. As overwhelming as this journey is at times, it’s also an honor to be able to work in God’s will.

“God doesn’t call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust Him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if He doesn’t come through.” Francis Chan

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