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I only have a minute, but we have a few prayer requests…

• Our application to Life Song has been received and is in the review process. We are hoping for a rather large matching grant through them and were told it could take 6-8 weeks to hear anything back. We’ve also submitted several other applications with other organizations and are hoping something else might be granted.

• Our appointments with the USCIS office were granted, but for almost 4 weeks out…and on different days. Since we have to drive to DesMoines we’re hoping to get them together. We’re also hoping we can talk someone into letting us in sooner (we’ve heard this sometimes happens).

• The garage sale (June 19th) and dinner/auction (July 11th) are in motion and we have wonderful teams of friends helping us pull these off. Please pray for all the people who are working with us (this is a LOT of work) and for great weather for those days!

• We just learned that although our petition to the Ukrainian gov’t was received we will NOT be getting any information back from them. We thought we’d get some word back, but apparently that is not how they work. At this point no news is good news, so we’re thankful we haven’t heard anything!

• Our marriage licenses came in from Texas so after we get our documents from the US gov’t our dossier is ready to send to Ukraine. Please be praying that we have all our paperwork done well so none of it is turned down. We’ve heard of papers being denied because of some really minor mistakes.

• Please continue to pray for Big Gracie. I wish we knew something else about her, but we’ve still not received anymore information from her orphanage.

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