Nastia was working on the necklace Kim and I put together for the girls (and guys) to make.

We spent half the day out at the other orphanage with Forrest and his family. Philip played frisbee with several kids for a couple hours while I colored with Nastia and Nadia. We had an English student come with us today and she translated some of what Nastia was saying to me. Nastia is a little 9 year old who has really stuck in my head from last week and I was curious to hear part of why she’s there. She told us her mom died when she was 2 and about 2 weeks ago her Papa told her to get out of the house. She has a 10 year old brother who runs away a lot. He ran away from the orphanage this week and hasn’t come back, which upset her because he usually returns pretty quickly. And then she went back to coloring and told us she wanted to be an artist some day, like her Papa. This little girl breaks my heart. As we walked up to the orphanage today she came running out and right into my arms to give me a huge hug. She belongs in a family, but even if her father has signed away rights to her she wouldn’t be available for international adoption for at least a year. I asked Darcy how many of these kids ever get adopted out there (this orphanage is about an hour out of the city in the middle of some tiny village) and she said it’s very rare because no one ever hears about this place. These kids’ only hope of getting a family is for visiting groups to hopefully get their info to someone who might be willing to adopt.

Two of the Monkey Brother Clan. They were amazing on these bars. They could even do backward flip dismounts.

One sibling group that is especially in need of a family is lovingly referred to as the “Monkey Brothers” because they are all such good gymnasts. The ‘gym’ there is just one high bar and we got to watch the 2 youngest boys play around on it some today. The oldest boy is 15 and the youngest is about 9 and they are really good kids. Vlad is one of the younger two (I’m not sure which, they all really look alike!) and he got a hold of our camera and was fascinated. I think he reprogrammed part of it before I was able to get him to give it back so we still had some batteries. Forrest and Darcy have been praying for a family for these boys and we wanted to get something about them up here so you all could join us in those prayers. We had hoped to get a picture of all 4 of them together, but it just didn’t happen. They really need an active family and would be in heaven with a big yard to play around in as all 4 are very athletic.

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