Ok, we’ve been here long enough that I’m still enjoying the bread and ice cream, but I want something that tastes like home too! I figured tomato soup and focaccia bread would be pretty easy to pull off…but not when you can’t read or speak to anyone. :) It’s taken 2 days to pull together the ingredients for the meal, but I think I’ve finally got enough of it together to make something that’s at least similar to home….assuming that’s actually yeast in those little packets and the flour isn’t something weird. We spent an hour in the bazaar sniffing different herbs, trying to find basil. We met a few friendly-ish babushkas and got plenty of strange looks, but struck out. Thankfully Philip noticed a picture that looked like basil on one of the packets in the grocery store so we think we finally found it!

We’ve also got to put this picture in because the outfit is so crazy. We’ve been brining some of Grace’s clothes to the orphanage during our visits to make sure they fit and because she seems to enjoy having new things to try on. The temperature here has been up and down a lot lately and it’s maybe a little cool for a sun dress, but Little Grace and I had picked out a dress for her and I wanted to see her in it so we brought it yesterday with a little jacket. The dress, jacket and shoes didn’t match all that well, but we didn’t worry about and she didn’t care. However, part of the culture over here is that if the temperature is below about 80 the kids must be bundled up so we got fussed at for trying to take her outside without tights on. We had to put these crazy orange ones on her. The poor kid looked like a fashion victim, but she seemed happy enough. I thought it was fitting that she peed through her diaper onto them by the end of our visit. :)

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