Ok, the paperwork problems look like they might be fixed and hopefully our forms will be processed soon. The officer in charge of our case has been very helpful and explained that there are some recent changes to the system that now allows them to be more thorough in their work. We had to include some specific examples of how we are educating ourselves and preparing our home to take of a special needs child. While it’s annoying to have to slow down to fix this we’re incredibly grateful it happened in the US instead of overseas. Once we get the US approval we will be about ready to send our dossier off to Ukraine…before they come up new papers to include! Just last week another paper was added to the list that should be in the dossier. We were warned at the beginning that putting this together is much like aiming at a moving target and it’s starting to feel that way!

The plans for the garage sale are continuing to come together with a lot of help from a lot of people. There’s still a a bunch of items to be sorted and organized before June 19th so I’ll be spending as much time as I can up at the church working on that. We did receive word this week that we’ve been accepted into the LifeSong program, which is an organization that helps families afford adoptions. Our church recently started a LifeSong account so now our paperwork will be sent to our church leaders and they will decide whether or not to award us a matching grant and how much that should be for if it’s awarded. We weren’t expecting to hear anything from them for several more weeks so that call was a pleasant surprise! At home we’ve been converting the work out room into a bed room and have made pretty good progress. With the exception of Kasia’s bassinet in our bathroom, everything seems to be finding appropriate places in other rooms. It’s exciting to think about having all 4 kids in the same house in just a few months!

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