First Major Fund Raiser is Next Weekend!

Our amended homestudy arrived this week and the kids and I took it to UPS this morning to be expedited back to the US gov’t so our paperwork could continued to be processed. Please pray that we made all the correct changes so we can recieve our approval soon! We’re also ready to send in the last batch of papers for apostilles as soon as they are reviewed by our Reece’s Rainbow team…they have been wonderful to double check everything for us to make sure there are no small mistakes that could cause problems in Ukraine. Those are the last pieces of our dossier and it’s exciting to see them almost done!

We are 9 days away from our first major fund raiser. The garage sale will be June 19th at Davis Park in Mt. Vernon and we have a HUGE selection of stuff because of the generosity of our church family. A very dedicated group of women have been helping me sort everything and work out details for that day; it would truly have been impossible to do this without them! We still have plenty of little logistics to think through in the next week so please be praying for us (and our families) as we prepare.

We’ve also made some headway on finding education in our area about adopting and raising a special needs child. We learned that because we are doing an independent adoption many of the resources other families have used are not available to us. Thankfully, we are close to the University of Iowa and have found a spina bifida expert over there that has agreed to start seeing us before Grace arrives so we can talk about some of the day to day issues we’ll face with her and prepare ourselves for what she will need. We’ve also found some online classes that we can watch in our ‘spare time’ to help us know what to expect. It’s very easy to stay totally focused on just getting Grace home, but we’ve heard from multiple families who have adopted that it’s incredibly important to get some counseling before the child comes to your house so you have some tools to deal with the issues that will come up.

We continue to thank all of you who have been so faithful to pray for Grace and our family through this journey. Those prayers are important and appreciated!

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