If Leeza could speak English I am sure she would have asked the above questions several times by now.  In case you are curious, Leeza woke up scared and crying every 15 minutes last night until she finally fell into a deep sleep at 2am.  That would be great except that we had to get up at 4:30am to drive to the airport.  She did amazingly well at being woken up and eating breakfast.  She also enjoyed talking to Forest in Russian.  he had stopped by to pick up keys and help  me get everything down stairs.  (Thank you again Forrest and sorry for leaving to to clean up.)

The Trip to the airport went great and we played in the seats until it was time to board.  She enjoyed the plane as well,  at least up until it took off.  That seemed to unnerve her a little, but only for a short time.  As soon as we could take off her seat-belt she was in my lap, looking out of the window, and enjoying to fresh airplane h’orderves.   She was a little frustrated with the landing because she had to set down with her belt on.  Of course that was a trick because she had figured out how to take it off by herself during the flight.  Go figure.

The drive to the Embassy took a little while.  That combined with taxi cab driving and a very very very very hot car (direct sun, coats, and the driver had the heat on)  we had the joy of seeing those afore mentioned h’orderves show back up again.  Well, I fortunately had a change of clothes in the backpack and got to do some wash this evening.  Oh well, we will learn from that one and try not to repeat it.  Oddly enough, the driver and Niko both said that it happens a lot.

So, we met the Parker’s (another RR family) and had our first Embassy appointment and went and had Leeza’s medical check up.  After that we were taken to our apartment.  We went for a walk, which Leeza enjoyed, and found some more diapers, dinner, breakfast for tomorrow, and a snack or two.  Leeza still won’t eat much.  I am guessing when she really gets hungry she will.  So far, juice and bananas seem to be holding her over, although she did eat some of the chicken we had for lunch.

So, what you are all curious about…. Was tonight any better.  Well, yes and no.  We played, laughed, and explored the apartment for a while.  She started getting quiet about 5:30pm and I could see that looming question mark behind her eyes.  She proceeded to put the cap on her water bottle, grab her coat and scoot over to the door saying, “Let’s go.”  (in Russian of course)  I walked over her and asked where?  She answered quickly with a very confident, “Groupa.”  She was done and ready to go back to her friends and care takers.  A soft ‘neyt’ (no) with a kiss and hug did little to evade the avalanche of emotion and tears.  Fortunately they didn’t last long and we played honk the nose with some good belly laughs.

By 6:15pm she was crashing, but determined that she wasn’t sleeping here.  She only had 2 hours of good sleep last night and no nap today.  So, I decided it was just time.  I picked her up, changed her into her pajamas and laid her in bed.  As expected, she screamed and tried several time to crawl out of bed.  It took about 10 minutes for her to decide that the Papa laying beside her was all the comfort available.  She slowly inched her way over to my chest and was sound asleep in 5 minutes.  That was at about 6:30pm and it is now 8:15pm; not a sound from her yet.

So, the Embassy documents are complete and I believe all is in order.  We have or second appointment, or exit interview as they call it at 2pm tomorrow.  (6am for you timezone challenged. :-) )  I am expecting all to go well and we will head home the following morning.  It is surreal to think that I have been here for almost two months.  It doesn’t even seem possible.  Then again, I have a  four year-old daughter that I can not understand or speak to who feels like she has always been there and is as much a part of me as any of my children.  Six months ago that was a far fetched an idea as living in Ukraine for two months.

God truly has a way of stirring things up.  Doesn’t He.  I was thinking about this whole process today.  Intellectually I explain with the best of them what it meant for God to give you the desires of your heart.  You know what I am talking about, the whole, he doesn’t give you what you want, but rather he gives you THE want.  I have never experienced that so vividly than through this process.  We were ready every step of the way for God to say, “this is far enough.”  Yet with each step we took the understanding that were that to happen, we would be loosing a child, a daughter, not just the chance to adopt.  I is amazing how those want, those desires have crept into my heart almost without being notices.  Oh, and how good, loving, and faithful is God to grant those desires.  Simple AWESOME!

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