After 7 hours, 2 tests, a doctor’s visit and a teaching session we are home from the hospital. Leeza was not a big fan of the tests (can’t really blame her), but she did great. The staff in pediatric urology was amazing and went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable. They even sent Leeza home with her first Barbie doll for being such a brave patient.

We got new toys too in the weirdest ‘goody bag’ I’ve ever received. We are now the proud owners of a catheterization kit. We learned that Leeza does not have any kidney damage from reflux (a major answer to prayer!), but in order to prevent it from eventually happening and to protect her bladder from further damage she needs to be cathed several times a day. They gave us a crash course in how to cath her, which was amazingly easy at the hospital, but not so easy at home in poor lighting with 3 other kids all crowding around wanting to see what’s going on. With 4 kids 4 and under there is no privacy in our house. :) We came home with a lot more knowledge about how to help her body work for her and we’re just so grateful that once again God seems to have protected her from harm. We have no reason to believe the orphanage ever cathed her so the fact that her body looks as healthy as it does and she hasn’t been overwhelmed by infections is pretty amazing. We’re getting used to hearing doctors say, ‘Well, I don’t know why this hasn’t hurt her but she’s ok.” I’m not sure what God has planned for this little girl, but His hand is certainly on her.

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