Although Grace flirts with being strong willed, we think we might have adopted our truly strong willed child. Leeza is continuing to adjust to life here (and us to life with her) and we’re learning more about her personality as she acts more ‘normal.’ She loves to help and will do so whether you like it or not! She has learned to love coloring and painting and has even been caught looking at some books on her own (she still doesn’t sit still to read one). She likes to be in the kitchen and loves to dress and redress…and redress…and redress herself all day long. She loves music. And she loves to push the limits we have set. At this point it’s difficult to tell whether she is going through this stage or this is just part of her. We’ve noticed she seems to be going through many of the developmental stages she should have had by this point. She’s gone through putting everything in her mouth, constantly taking her socks off, trying to take her diaper off all the time, wanting to be held all the time, eating everything or nothing (depends on the week), etc. What gets confusing is that she’ll be going through several different stages all at once and we never know how old to treat her. I don’t know how long it will take her to balance out a bit, but until then she’s keeping us on our toes. We’ve made HUGE progress on sleeping and it’s been almost a week since she’s kept us up at night and she seems resigned to the fact that we’re going to make her go back each time. Now we’re focusing on getting her to stop touching everything (everything!) and getting her to call Philip ‘Daddy’ instead of ‘Papa’ (who in our family is actually Philip’s father).

She and Kasia had their first Thanksgiving last week and both seemed to enjoy it. Neither had any idea what we were celebrating, but neither complained about having cranberry sauce and pies! My mom sent the kids stuff to make turkeys out of rice crispy treats and various candies and we wondered how we were going to explain to Leeza that she was supposed to be trying to make a turkey, when I doubt she’s ever seen one. Hers ended up looking more like an alien, but she was very proud of it and it still tasted great. As we prepare for Christmas we’re hoping we can explain this holiday a little better!

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