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There are several reasons we are blogging about our adoption process.  One is so our friends and family can keep up-to-date on what is going on.  Another is so those prayer warriors out there can keep us, and Grace,  snuggled all up in a warm blanket of prayer.  Yet another is so that we can look back at this years from now and see how God walked us through.  A fourth reason is simply for you.  That is right, some of you may be thinking about adopting and wondering what it really takes (we certainly are).  Some may have already started and find yourself only slightly behind us in the process.  Some of you may be more like we were when we started out; completely clueless on the details but feeling God move in your hearts.  Regardless we hope this blog is an honest and open description of our journey.  Our prayer is that it will be as useful to others as it is for us.

With that understanding, lets talk cash!  I have always known that adoptions were expensive.  To be honest, our 20K goal is actually on the cheap side for an international adoption.  What I had never found time to learn, until now, is exactly where all that money goes.  After all, that is a large amount of money for what, on the surface, seems to be just paperwork.  Well, early on we asked this exact question and wouldn’t you know it, we got an answer!  Below is the response we received.  It is important to realize that all adoptions will be slightly different.  I am sure the amounts change depending on agency, country, the child’s needs, or even the time of year.  For us, the numbers look like the following estimate:

Estimated Adoption Expenses

Home Study$2,000
Travel Expenses$3,500
Medical Exam$100

So, there you have it.  Ultimately we are hoping to save some money in the area of travel. Our home study is already expected to come in much less then the estimated $2,000.  It will probably be closer to $700 when all is said and done (Yea for the ability to go independent!).  We will be making adjustments to our needs as the numbers start to solidify.  Now, for what all of these item actually are….?  Well that will be a topic for a later post.  Hopefully this helped shed some light on how the cost of an adoption breaks down.  Let us know in the comments if  this is similar to your experience, or any other thoughts on the matter.

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