It is truly amazing how much underwear they have for sale.

We’ve had the chance to wander around one of the bazaars recently and they are a lot of fun. It looks like a shanty town, but inside is a crazy maze of little stalls that look like they should have primitive wares, but instead have fur coats, house decor, food, all kinds of clothing and shoes and even wedding supplies. You could seriously buy everything you need for a wedding in the ‘wedding district.’ There’s an underwear district that’s enormous, which is funny because it’s all almost identical. And the shoes! Philip was laughing at me because I kept finding ones I liked and then realizing they had a 5 inch heel attached…I’m WAY too much of a klutz to ever think I could walk in those things. Philip almost found a great price on some new tennis shoes for himself, but their available sizes are pretty hit and miss and they didn’t have his. Forrest and Darcy told us about another larger bazaar in the middle of town that we’re going to try to check out soon.

What is it about kids and shoes? Anyway, Grace enjoyed playing with them, just like our other kids.

We visited with Grace in the afternoon today because it’s still chilly and we didn’t want to interupt the morning play time in the big room like we did yesterday. I think we’re getting to see a little of the ‘real’ Grace finally because she kept trying to break a few of the toys we were playing with instead of behaving well like she has been. She tested us a bit to see if we would make her mind and realized pretty quickly that even though we bring the fun toys and snacks she’s going to have to follow the rules. She also had a good time trying on our shoes, much like our other kiddos like doing.

And we had another marshootka adventure. We must have hit rush hour on the way home and instead of the 15 people it was supposed to hold we ended up with about 30. As our driver zoomed past our stop we realized he must have yelled back to see if anyone wanted off there…since we didn’t understand him we hadn’t said anything. The next stop was about a mile down the road, but it wasn’t raining and we got to see a little different part of the city. We finished up the day with dinner at Forrests’ house and the kids did a traditional ‘bread and salt’ Ukrainian greeting for us, complete with their holiday outfits. Darcy made borscht for us and it was delicious!

Prayer requests: Please keep praying that we receive a court date soon…hopefully we’ll hear something tomorrow. We really want a date for next week so I can come home. And we have a praise…another RR family had ‘Gotcha Day’ yesterday and officially have Milana in their custody. Praise God!

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