Busy. We’ve been very busy. Not so much with lots of things to do, but every day takes a lot of energy just to do our normal tasks. We’re getting better at our new routine, but until our crowd is a little older (and a few are out of diapers) life is just going to be a bit hectic. Despite the busyness, life is good. We are learning about Pilgrims in school, learning new songs in Sunday school (Leeza only knows 2 words, but she sings them VERY loudly), learning how to use the potty, how to stay in bed until 7am, how to put on our own shoes and coats and how to chew with our mouths closed. Kasia is trying very hard to learn to walk and Josiah is surprising me daily with the new words he can read and write. Grace is my little helper in the kitchen and Leeza is learning new words every day. She can now almost sing the whole ABCs and can count to 9 in English. We’re having a few English sentences pop up every once in a while and she surprised us all when she blurted out ‘thankful for sunshine’ in the car the other day when it peeked out for a few minutes on a rather dreary day.

Just to keep things interesting, we took all 4 kids to the attorney’s office this morning to sign papers for Leeza’s readoption here in the states. She is already legally adopted, but we’re going through this so that she will be a US citizen instead of just a legal immigrant. We’ve learned that the paperwork is the same as if we had adopted her from the US, so it’s full of stuff asking the judge for permission to adopt her and change her name and let her live with us…all of which has, obviously, already happened. We will need a home visit from a social worker and possibly a judge so that they will ‘grant’ all this for us. Our court date is set for December 23rd so it looks like our Christmas gift will be having all 4 kids be Americans. :)

We get a lot of questions about medical stuff, so here’s what we have coming up…our MRI session will be Dec. 10th, we’ll be meeting with a spina bifida specialist March 3rd and sometime between those two we’ll probably meet with Orthopedics, PT and OT. After the visit on the 10th we may have a better idea of when her back surgery will happen.

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