Just a quick update for those who were praying for Leeza today…surgery went really well and she’s awake and doing fine. She did not need as much bladder reconstruction as we originally thought so the surgery was only 6 hours long and she doesn’t have quite as much to heal from. That said, the poor kid has tubes coming out of her all over the place to drain most of her abdomen as it heals and some are pretty sensitive. Unlike her other surgeries, this one took place in an area where her nerves work pretty well so she feels most of it. Obviously two of those holes in her will remain (part of the surgery was to install ports for cathing and enemas), but the others will be allowed to close up when the drainage tubes are no longer needed. The doctor was completely surprised when she opened Leeza up to find that her bladder and appendix (which was used to make the internal part of her enema tube) were larger than most adult organs. We’re not really sure why this happened, but it made the surgery MUCH easier and seemed to make the residents who were watching the surgery to learn very happy because it was easier to see. Once again God was watching over her and helping her through another procedure that could have been much messier and dangerous.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for her today and please keep praying for pain management and that we would be able to help her keep all those drainage tubes in place while they are needed.

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