We had just come out of the orphanage here and were getting ready to go play on the playground. Much like her sisters and brother, Grace loves balloons so we brought a new one today.

We got to go to church this morning with Forrest and his family. Their church is in a Chinese restaurant that they rent from 10-12 on Sundays, but the restaurant isn’t actually closed so people would randomly walk in and order stuff. It started smelling really good and by the end of service and I was getting hungry! There was a girl there who translated for us so we could understand what the ‘preacher’ was saying. They take turns doing sermons and today’s main sermon was given by a young man (maybe late 20’s) who is a welder and they’ve been teaching him how to teach the Bible. He did a very good job and taught on Joshua 1:8. It was a very good reminder to stay close to God always, but especially now when we know so much is out of our hands and we need His blessing to be successful in the jobs He’s given us. As we sang songs, several of which we could recognize as Russian versions of American praise/hymn songs, it made me think about when the Bible says every tongue, tribe and nation will one day praise God. It was difficult to sing English words as they were all singing Russian ones, but we could listen and it was neat.

Forrest helped us walk over to the orphanage today and it was a longer walk than we expected. It took about an hour, but we had a chance to just talk with him and ask him tons of questions we’ve been coming up with. He helped translate with Grace a bit and helped explain that the pictures we were showing her are of her new home. I don’t think she really understands, but we’ll keep telling her and hopefully it will help the transition. We also got our first picture with all 3 of us since Forrest was there to help.

This is for Josiah. Here is the large plane that is in the middle of the park. You couldn't go it, but it was fun to walk around.

We braved a ‘martooshka’ on the way home. I know that can’t possibly be spelled correctly, but that’s what it sounds like. It’s their version of a city bus. We still haven’t found one that will take us the whole route, but it helped some and it was better than walking through one of the neighborhoods again, which is a little rough and isn’t really a place you want to be later in the day. We picked up some ice cream on the way home out of curiosity…it comes in a tube kind of like ground beef at home and we’ve been told it has a different consistency here. We’re looking forward to a quiet evening of eating it, watching a movie and just relaxing.

By the way, we shot a couple videos recently…one of our apartment here and one just for the kiddos at home. We miss you guys and love you SO much!

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