We’ve made friends with another family who is currently at Grace’s orphanage adopting their daughter and the wife (Jenn) has been gracious enough to be keeping an eye out for Grace during visits with her daughter. Of all the families we’ve watched go through there, no one had caught a glimpse of Grace. It made me wonder if they ever let the physically handicapped kids go outside or if Grace had gotten sick or transferred or whatever. But yesterday we got word from Jenn that she’d seen Grace! She wasn’t sure it was her at first, but then she noticed all that curly hair and realized it had to be. She was being taken for a walk outside in a stroller/wheelchair and talking up a storm…Jenn was pretty sure she was trying to talk to her, but of course none of us know Russian so we have no idea what she was saying. It was such a relief to finally know that someone has seen her in person and that she’s ok. And by this time next week we should be on a train to see her for ourselves! God is good!

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