This is going to be short because I’m tired, but just wanted to let everyone know Leeza made it through surgery just fine. Her shunt looks good so far and the doctor said he didn’t find any surprises today (always good when you’re talking about a brain!). She is in ICU for a day to make sure she’s responding alright and is not so happy that her hands are all taped up to prevent her from ripping out her IV and monitors. She’s also not going to be happy when she sees what they did to her hair. Dr. Menezes heard that she was concerned about them shaving her head so he tried to be conservative and left some curls around the front of her face…everyone else will be able to see the big bald spot, but she probably won’t! She did great through the whole thing and is resting pretty well right now. All in all, it’s been a good day full of lots of blessings from God. My favorite part was watching her heart rate in the recovery room as Philip told her he loved her. Each time he said it her rate would increase. We all know it’s important to tell our kids we love them, but to see her responding to it on the monitor was cool.

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