Well, the cookies didn't last long. Now everyone is waiting for bananas.

Grace turns 4 today (S’dniom Rajdenia “С Днем Рождения” is Happy Birthday) and we were told we were allowed to bring biscuits (cookies) and bananas for her groupa.I was hoping we could bring cupcakes or something like that, but I haven’t seen any over here and I can’t really blame them for not wanting to clean up 15 kids covered in frosting. We got there just as they were getting ready for breakfast again (tea cookies and a cup of weak tea again) so instead most of the kids ate chocolate chip cookies for breakfast…and they LOVE bananas. I have no idea how often they get fruit, but those kids inhaled them. It was the easiest birthday party we’ve ever done and it felt a little weird to not bring her a little gift, but I don’t know that she’d be allowed to keep anything we bring her so it’s didn’t make sense to try. Because we brought food we were allowed to come all the way into the room she lives in a see it all. All 15 of their beds are lined up on 2 walls with a little play area in the middle. There is a small TV that had cartoons on this morning and a small kitchenette area in the back. It was very clean and organized.

We got to go outside again, although it was quite a bit cooler today than yesterday. We were gently scolded for letting her sit on the concrete because it was too cold (we were trying to get in the sun). We taught her “Little Bunny Foo Foo,’ which she instantly loved and started doing the hand motions for (this is currently a favorite back home). We also made up a little game where we took turns kissing each other on the cheek and she seemed to really like that one, especially when she got to tell Philip and me it was our turn to kiss. And she’s still practicing her silly face like Josiah does in some of his pictures. By the time she gets home she’ll have it down!

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