Oishin is the adopted son of another couple here for their second adoption. He enjoyed pushing her around and she enjoyed the ride.

We got a call last night that our visit with Grace would actually be in the morning so we weren’t able to go to the other orphanage with Forrest and his family, but it might let us have 2 visits with Grace today. We had fun with her this morning. I think we got there just after they’d had baths because everyone’s hair was still a bit wet and as soon as she saw us she came scooting over very fast to get dressed. There was only one worker in with her and a few other kids so she just handed her over to us and we had to figure out what to dress her in. Thankfully we’d seen which locker was hers and she scooted right over to it and started pulling on her boots as quick as she could. We went outside and let her ride some of the bikes and play in the sandbox and have her snack. They must be well fed because she wasn’t terribly hungry. We figured out a couple of the words she keeps saying, which was helpful because they were ‘don’t do that’ and ‘there.’ We asked Violetta if they ever saw pictures of themselves there and she said she probably never had, explaining why she’s so fascinated with the camera and videos of herself. She seems to be quite the girly-girly. She really likes her barrette in her hair and her bow on her dress tied in a certain way. She loved playing with my scarf in the backpack and she’s paid attention to my earrings a couple days. She loves the backpack and I’m glad we have one for her at home waiting.

We’re still waiting to see how this afternoon goes. There have been some problems with communication between the families and the facilitation team and we’ve been asked to meet with the boss in this region tonight to clear up any misunderstandings. We only get 1 car ride to the orphanage a day and we’d planned to just walk over this afternoon, but we’re not sure we can get back in time if we do that. If Forrest gets back in town in time we might be able to ask him to take us over for a short visit, but we’ll just have to wait and see. We are thankful for this meeting tonight and pray that we’ll be able to express our concerns without upsetting anyone so we can all get back to focusing on the adoptions. Violetta (our translator) helped clear up some of the misunderstandings this morning and we feel more like we know how things are working and what to expect in the next few days. In their defense, every adoption is slightly different because each child came with a different history and the rules change just as often for them as they seemed to for us while we were compiling our dossier. It’s their job to stay a step ahead of all the changes and keep all the right people happy so we can finish up the adoption in several weeks, as opposed to several months. At any rate, we’re doing well and seem to be on track. Sasha, and maybe us, will be going to Grace’s birth town Monday to get some paperwork for court. I suppose that is one prayer request…I’d like to go to see where she was born and get pictures for her, but if I (or we) go then we wouldn’t be able to visit her that day. Philip will get to go later on when he needs to get her birth certificate re-issued, but he’ll probably have Grace with him at that point and it would be harder to get pictures. We’re not sure what to do right now, but need to decide this weekend.

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