We had time this morning to go visit with Forrest and his family and it was great to just be in a normal house for a bit. The kids were finishing up their homeschool for the day while Darcy and Forrest prepped things to can some tomatoes. We played Legos with the kids and they invited us to come to another orphanage tomorrow were they go each week, which should be a lot of fun. We had lunch at our place with Jenn and then spent the rest of the afternoon with Grace. We brought a balloon, which was a big hit and I had a measuring tape in my bag that she loved using to measure different parts of herself. We spent a lot of time getting dirty in the sandbox, which made us feel a little bad because she’s always immaculate when we get her and when we bring her back in she’s played so much that she’s certainly not immaculate anymore! She seemed much more at ease with us today and we got to hear a real laugh as we played a few little games with her.

She’s obviously learned the routine because when we showed up at the end of nap time she must have noticed the other kids paying attention to us. All of a sudden she sat up in bed and held her arms up for her care taker to come get her so she could get dressed and go. It was nice to see that she was eager to come out with us. One of them seemed to ask if I would help get her dressed, but then another lady came in and pushed us out into the dressing room to wait. Hopefully they’ll eventually let me help, but for now it’s good to see that she seems to know we’re going to keep coming back for her.

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