Leeza wanted to eat her snack on the window sill. Seemed like a good idea to me.

Okay, for the last few days it has been not only cold, but rainy as well.  So, Leeza and I have been in the large play room for our play dates.  We have had the joy of sharing the room with a family from Canada, a family from France, a family from Chili, and a family from somewhere else.  (Hey Kimmie, you missed your opportunity to use your Spanish.)  Unfortunately, most of the other kids were younger and did not share our sense of joy.  While playing inside, Leeza added several new words to her vocabulary.  Most were in sentence structure and I expect she was telling me all sorts of good things.  Only God knows.  However, one word keep coming back over and over and over and over and over  (I think I got enough in there) again.  Of course, I had no idea what it was and it was obviously posed as a question.  Wouldn’t you know it, this morning after Church I was standing by Yuri (sp?) and I heard a very very very similar sounding word come out of his mouth.  So, I interrupted and asked what he had just said.  Ah, I have your interest now don’t I.  What did he say???  Well, he had said, “I can show you when we get outside.”  Yep, the work she had been repeating was, “outside.”

So, armed with my new knowledge and prepared for her question, I eagerly went to visit Leeza.  As you have guessed, the first thing she asked was, “Outside?”  So we did.  It was 47 degrees F and a little windy but we went outside and had a great time.  She didn’t seem to care that her coat was too small and she seemed to enjoy her mittens  (granted they were more of a toy than a hand warmer).   Just for grins we said hello to the family back home as well.  There isn’t much to do while she is eating snack and I can’t hardly use the camera once she is done.  So, I know you have heard this before, but I am pretty sure Kimmie, JoJo and Grace never get tired of it.

Found this one the way to the market. Pretty sure I could do something like this at home. :-)

So, that was about it for my Sunday.  After I left the orphanage I went into town to do some shopping for the week.  It seems that fall is clean up time and someone had fun re-sculpting the bushes in front of the park.  Here is one I am sure Josiah will be especially fond of.

Tomorrow starts crazy week.  I need to get some phone calls made and take a leap of faith and book some airline tickets.  Leeza becomes a Dean on Tuesday and our facilitator thinks we can get her paperwork done on Wednesday and Thursday so we can head to Kiev on Friday.  That seems rather optimistic, but then again, I have been accused of that as well. :-)  Here is to the start of the end before the beginning.  (you followed that right?)

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