So, Kim and I occasionally and lovingly address our children as stinkers.  Why, because they are, sometimes.  That and it is really really cute to hear a 18month old say “I am a stinker.”  Well, today Leeza officially became Stinker #… well 2 I guess.  She is now our second oldest.  What’s that you say, officially??  Yes sireee!!!  I even have a birth certificate to prove it.  So, here is our latest stinker, Elizabeth Faith Dean; affectionately known as Leeza.

On a slightly different note, I went with our facilitator to Leeza’s hometown today to get the above mentioned birth certificate.  It was an interesting trip with a few surprises.  Sit tight and I will do a quick summary…

First, we drove for an hour and a half to her home town.  It went something like this:

Well, we did make a few stops.  One to the rest room (no, they don’t have rest areas) and one for, well, dinner I think.  Here is a road side corner where our driver picked up a duck and some potatoes.  Our facilitator was happy to hear they had rabbits so, she got one.  Pop them in the trunk and we were off again.

After buying some potatoes, a duck and a rabbit we were on our way again.

So, with dinner in the trunk we made it to town at about 12 noon.  We were told that they had a break and would like us to come in for tea.  Apparently the woman our facilitators had been working with was the one who took Leeza out of her unhealthy environment and to the baby house when she was 14 months old.  She was thrilled to know that she was being adopted and was eager to talk with me.  We went and parked the car but by the time we walked around the building she was coming out to meet us.  Apparently the worker at the office that actually issues the new birth certificates was leaving after lunch.  So she took us straight over there and filled out all the paperwork.  They told us to come back in about 45 minutes and it would be ready.

So during that 45 minutes we drove back to the first building for tea.  On the way the worked took us by the house she had taken Leeza from and told me a little bit about that night.  Once back at the office we had a lunch (tea) of green tea, Ritz type crackers, and two aerated chocolate bars we had brought.  The women in the office had lots of questions and loved seeing Leeza’s photo album as well as recent pictures of her.  Below is a picture with the women in the office. The shortest one, on my left was the one that took care of Leeza that winter night.

The woman on my left took Leeza to the baby house when she was only 14 months old. Almost three years later she still remembers her and that night.

We then got a call saying the birth certificate was done and we could pick it back up.  So, we did.  Then a quick hour and a half back home.  All in all it was a very good trip.  Our facilitator said she had never had an appointment for a birth certificate like this one.  No one has ever cared as much or been as interested in the child before.  I am glad they were or we could have very easily been going again tomorrow when the other office worker was back.  Thank you for your prayers!!!

On that note, our pastor’s wife put up the following verse on Facebook today:

Proverbs 5:21 – “For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the Lord, and He watches all his paths.”

How true this has been for our little Leeza.  He has been working in her life and on her behalf for many many years.  She has had so many angels working around her is some very dark places.  It is just amazing to see little glimpses of what He is doing and know we have a part in it.  Well, we are really just a small part of his plan and be couldn’t be more honored, humbled, and blessed to be a part of it.  We love you Leeza, welcome to the family!!

The video below is of Leeza’s first home.  You have all seen videos of the orphanage which she currently calls home.  Now she has a permanent home and we all look forward to that homecoming next week.  Lord willing, we will be all together again by Friday.

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