Just sitting around on a sunny Friday morning.

I called one of the facilitators in Kiev this morning to see if she could better explain why we were still waiting for a court date and found out our city courts are under some kind of investigation and all court dates have been frozen. She said this had never happened before and they usually got whatever date they requested. But because of this investigation our judge has been told she may not see any cases right now. The judge over the whole region is out of town, but will return on Monday and Violetta is supposed to be meeting with him then to request that we be seen because of our situation. So, for now, it looks like the first time we might get a date is Tuesday, but only if he agrees to let our case proceed while the investigation is happening. Keep praying!

During our visit today we looked through the photo album again and, again, Grace is especially interested in pictures of Josiah. We’ve been calling him ‘JoJo’ with her most of the time because ‘Josiah’ seems to be very difficult for her to say. I pointed him out as ‘Leeza’s braat’ (braat is brother) and she got excited and started flipping through each page, finding him and saying something that sounded like ‘moy JoJo, moy braat!’ which loosely means ‘my brother!’ Then she found a picture of Little Grace and said ‘Leeza’s sistra!’ (sister) Something seemed to click today and she’s starting to realize the people in the pictures are related to her.

As many of you have noticed, and I’m sure you heard in that last video, we are calling her ‘Leeza.’ Grace was the name used by the RR site to keep her identity anonymous for safety reasons and it’s the only name we had for quite a while. We were told to not share her real name or location with the public for these sames reasons. We’ve tried to follow that rule, but it’s getting confusing because we call her one thing and then try to write the other name here…and actually her legal name will be slightly different than either of those! So, for the sake of clarification, we have requested that her legal name be changed to Elizabeth Faith. However, for as long as she’s been at the orphanage she’s gone by the nickname ‘Leeza.’ Even though that won’t be her legal name, we have chosen to keep it since she’s already 4 and it just seemed wrong to take her name away from her. Ok, I don’t think we broke any rules with that and it should be far less confusing! :)

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