Just an  update because a couple people have mentioned they are waiting to hear how the MRI went today…Philip took Leeza down to the U this morning and there’s almost no change from 2 weeks ago. She still has a large amount of water around her brain so the shunt was adjusted to its’ highest level and we’ll go back next Wednesday for more MRIs. Since we thought Leeza was having a shunt malfunction this past weekend Philip was able to tell the neuro staff what we’d seen and they assured us it was not a malfunction and told us how we could differentiate it from a regular illness next time. Considering that is wasn’t a malfunction we learned that Leeza is a really whiny sick person (hopefully that’s a stage!).

We also got a demo wheelchair this week and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see the possible end of taking a double stroller everywhere we go! Leeza still has to build up a lot of strength to be able to use it efficiently, but she likes it and is already able to get from it to her car seat alone. Yea! And it allowed us to get out in the yard yesterday afternoon without her having to scoot everywhere. I’m loving this chair so far!

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