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This is just an update on the Lia Sophia Party…it’s ending this week! All online sales will end this Friday (so if you’ve been meaning to order you need to click on the button to the right soon!) so Tracy can submit them and get the jewelry sent out to everyone who ordered. We want to thank everyone who participated and we’ll look forward to seeing you all glammed up in new necklaces and earrings!

As far as the adoption progress we are making good headway. I’m hoping the final copy of the home study will be in the mail today and when that’s in hand I’m almost ready to send out our petition to the US government. We will have to wait 1-2 weeks (hopefully) to hear back from them to get an appointment for digital fingerprints in Des Moines and then a couple more weeks before we could expect to get their official approval. I have multiple grant applications in progress and we’re continuing to work on requirements for our dossier (the paperwork that will be sent over to the Ukrainian government). We got to send our first official papers to our Ukrainian facilitator last week, which verify that we are intending to adopt a specific child. We also got wonderful news that there are missionaries in our region who would be willing to house us when we travel. This could potentially save us a LOT of money and it’s incredibly encouraging to see how God is working out all these details for us.

Some specific prayer requests at this point are:

  • That God would continue to work out all the details of our travel and the time away from our kids here.
  • That the finances we need would be available when we need them.
  • That ‘Big Gracie’ would be safe and well cared for until we can get to her. We sincerely hope that there are Christian workers who are teaching her about Jesus and loving her.

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