Tomorrow is our biggest fund raiser and we’re almost ready. Philip and I went through each item last night making sure each bid sheet, item and display was in order. We have 76 items worth over $4,700…wow! We’re keeping it all in our bedroom to keep kids out of it and I keep walking in thinking…hmmm, that painting would look great in my living room and that necklace would look great with my outfit…and the kids would love to use those tickets for the Playstation…and I sure could put that scrapbooking stuff to good use…and I really want to use the photography sessions and vacation package. As much as we’d like to keep all the items, we’re hoping there will be others who want them too so none of them have to come back home with us!

We’ve been watching our dossier on the FedEx site as it makes it’s way around the world. It made a stop in Memphis before heading over to Paris and now it’s back ‘in transit.’ We’ll have to wait and see where it touches down next. Please be keeping our papework in your prayers. We received a new set of checklists for dossiers (after ours was already in the mail) that’s huge and we’re trying to wade through it to see if there’s anything in it that will cause problems for us. Apparently several families have had problems recently with certain documents and these changes are a response to that, which is great except that having to redo papers at this point just got a lot harder and could take long enough that some of our other papers would then be older than 5 months, meaning they would then need to be redone too. Philip is doing a good job staying calm about it and I have to keep praying to stay calm.We really appreciate all your prayers for us and Grace as we keep moving forward.

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