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The i-600A (the application for approval to adopt from the US Gov’t) was mailed yesterday and should be arriving today. This is one of the last pieces we need for our dossier and it was not the easiest thing to fill out because the requirements kept changing. It will probably be 1-2 weeks before we hear back from the USCIS office to get our date to have digital fingerprints done in Des Moines. Until then we get a little breather from all the government paperwork and we can work on getting the last papers notarized and apostilled and keep filling out grant applications.

The i-600A sort of starts the count down to a possible travel date, which is exciting and a little scary. We’ve been given very rough estimates of how fast the rest of the process could take and it’s anywhere from 9 weeks (beginning of July) to about 20 (end of September). We are working with 2 governments so there’s no telling how quickly things will move from here on out, but if the rest of the process goes as quickly as the first part we could soon be in a position of having all of our paperwork done before we have the funds to travel. We get to decide when we’ll actually send in our dossier so we can delay the travel if we need to for a little while, but we ask for prayers as all the paperwork comes to a close in the next few weeks/months that we’d be able to travel when God wants us to be there. It’s tempting to push as hard as possible so we can get Gracie home as soon as possible, but we also know we have to trust God to take care of her and make all of this happen in his timing. At any rate, we’re celebrating getting the next big piece mailed off!

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