Our i-171H from the federal gov’t is here! The (sort of) funny thing is…is has been for a while and we just didn’t know it. We received a letter last weekend saying that we’d been approved and our paperwork had been forwarded to another office. We assumed we’d get an official looking form soon after,so when we didn’t we did some research and realized the letter was actually the I-171H! It’s only identified in tiny print on the bottom and almost looks like junk mail. For such an important piece of paper it’s very plain. I had been all ready to get excited when it finally came in the mail, only to realize it was sitting on my kitchen counter! After feeling a little dumb we heard from several others that they had done the same thing when theirs came. So we’re getting it apostilled and hope to send out our dossier early next week. The Ukrainian gov’t is closed for the first 2 weeks in July (a scheduled, routine closing), but our dossier has to be translated anyway and by the time that’s done they should be accepting dossiers again and we won’t really have lost any time.

Everything else is moving along too. The dinner and auction is coming together and we ended up hearing about another family in Ukraine who said they would be willing to let us stay with them if our orphanage is close by. We’re really hoping to get an exact location soon and we’d love to be able to stay with one of these missionary families…partially to cut costs and partially because it would be great to get to see firsthand how God is working through them.

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