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We’ve spent the last few days filling out the first papers for our dossier, getting them notarized and sending them to Des Moines to be apostilled so they can be sent to Ukraine. This first batch are the papers that let their government know that someone is trying to adopt Grace and asks for their permission to continue with the process. We were told to get these sent out ASAP so as soon as we received Philip’s new passport I entered the information and we got moving. Notarizing a batch of papers with 3 small kids in tow proved to be quite an experience and I was beginning to wonder if the notary was going to write something like, ‘These people don’t need another child right now!’ on our paperwork. It was late afternoon and both big kids were pretty wound up. Josiah kept running circles around the bank and Grace managed to sneak away and into the bank vault. We were all relieved when it was over.

We should be getting the apostilled papers back later this week and we’ll get them on their way as soon as we can. The next batch of papers to be notarized and sent through the same process is sitting in the office and we hope to get them moving soon too. Philip and I are both getting our physicals done this week so we can get those papers finished up and as soon as the home study is sent to us (it should be done in the next week) we can fill out the paperwork to get our governments’ permission to proceed. I’ll also start filling out applications for grants (which can’t be done without a completed home study). Until then we’re staying busy with our first fund raiser this weekend. I’ve got a house to clean and a bunch of food to make. As this process starts to pick up speed we’re quickly realizing we can’t do it all alone…thankfully some good friends also realized it and offered to help us get a team put together to help organize the fund raisers and watch kids when we have paperwork to do. I hadn’t even realized how tired I was until someone offered to help and suddenly it hit me and I’m exhausted. In fact, the kids just went down for a nap and I need one too!

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