Leeza doesn’t really understand what just happened this week…we explained that the doctor put a straw from her head to her tummy because she likes straws. She actually seemed to like the hospital. Everyone waited on her and she had one-on-one attention from us. She got to eat chicken strips and chocolate milk (when she had an appetite) and stayed up late each night. Life was pretty good, and then we came home and chores and broccoli became a regular part of her day again. It’s going to take some time for her to get used to this! Her shunt seems to be doing just fine and we’ll go back in 2 weeks to have it adjusted to the next lowest pressure and have her sutures taken out. We’ve got reminders of what a shunt malfunction looks like in my wallet and on the fridge and, Lord willing, we won’t have much practice in what that looks like.

The other kids were shuffled between church friends for the beginning of the week as Philip and I took care of Leeza and then Nanny and Ms. Sandy came to hold down the fort the rest of the week. Once again, this week wouldn’t have worked without all the help from friends and family.

All in all I think it went pretty well. Leeza is recovering well, the kids loved having family here and Philip and I learned how the hospital system works so we’ll be better prepared next time. We know now which units have showers, that parents aren’t fed, how to get parking paid for, that the uncomfortable-looking cots aren’t so bad and that we will take charge of Leeza’s meds next time. We also met a wonderful social worker who is helping me wade through the DHS paperwork (yeah!) and got to see my buddy in urology who has helped us through so many difficult days. The next surgery will be in 3-6 months and I feel like we’ll be going into is a bit more prepared than we were this time around.

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