The Joys of Paperwork

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The home study has begun! We’re driving home from Des Moines after meeting with our social worker and turning in a stack of paperwork. It’s been a long week of staying up after the kids go to bed to work on applications, financial statements, reference letters and copies. We need to get our fingerprints done and sent in to start the background checks and then we wait about a month for them to come back and the home study to be complete. We also sent in our first commitment paper for Grace yesterday and hope to get the other one sent out tomorrow. As several of you have noticed, she has been moved from the ‘Waiting Children’ site and is now listed as having found a forever family. When all of our paperwork and deposit has reached Reece’s Rainbow (and the director gets back in town) we will be officially matched with her and can start fund raising. It is very exciting to have this started!

We talked to Josiah last night about what is happening and he liked the idea of having a sister who would be old enough to know not to mess up his trains when he’s playing with them. He’s also intrigued by the idea that she won’t speak English and he’ll get to help us teach her. He’s obviously been thinking a lot about it because the first thing he said to me this morning is, “I want to call her Gracie too. I like Gracie better than Grace.” For the sake of knowing who we’re talking about we’re now referring to the girls as ‘Big Gracie’ and ‘Little Gracie.’ The concept of time is still hard for him to grasp so he doesn’t really understand when she’s coming here and kept thinking we would bring her home with us tonight. When I explained that she wouldn’t get here until after his birthday this summer he stated crying, saying he just couldn’t wait that long. It does seem like a long time right now, but we sure have a lot to get done by then so I’m glad we have a little time to prepare.

By the way, I had noticed that several of the RR kids were referred to by a Ukrainian-sounding name and also an American name and inquired if Grace was really this childs’ name. It is not, so eventually the Gracie confusion in our house will subside. We won’t find out her real name or where she is in the country until we are officially accepted.
Some specific prayer requests right now are:

  • for the details of all of our travel/kid accommodations to be worked out
  • for finances
  • for contacts within the country to be established. We are praying for at least someone who can translate for us if we get in a mess. We are hoping to find someone to stay with so we can cut down on the cost of housing.
  • for the care and safety of Big Gracie while she waits for us

We know there are several of you out there that have been praying and are praying for Grace and us.  Thank you very much!!

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