Here are two of my four favorite girls. Aren't they beautiful!

Many families who have traveled before us have said they felt like they were stuck in an Eastern European version of the movie, Groundhog Day and I’m starting to relate. Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks that we’ve been gone and our days are all starting to run together. Thankfully we are able to go to church or the whole week would really feel like the same day over and over again. We still have not received a court date. Our judge has apparently said we will get in ‘soon,’ but we have no idea what that means over here. We’d been told it might be Friday, but we were also told it might be last Monday or even the Wednesday before that. Every time the phone rings I pray that it’s Violetta calling with our date.

On a happier note, we were able to see quite a few other RR kids this morning. They were all together in one of the pavilions so we went over to say hello. They all smiled at us and a couple wanted their pictures taken so we were able to get new pictures of them and interact with them a little. After a few minutes Grace got a little annoyed with it and insisted on being picked up and played with alone, which is actually a good sign. She seems to be identifying with us more lately and isn’t calling every unknown couple ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa.’ She’s also starting to allow us to help her with her shoes and clothes, which initially she refused. With our other kids we would encourage them to get dressed independently, but with Grace she still needs to learn what a Mama and Daddy do so every time she lets us care for her is good.

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