Ok, so there really wasn’t any question about who was going win this one. :) Philip got the SS# today and is working out the rest of the details to get Leeza’s passport and visa. We had originally decided to go with the new style passport because it was cheaper and would only cost them one more day in-country…and then we found out it would really be more like an additional week so we changed our minds and are getting the old style. Changing in mid-stream added some cost, but an extra week of them being gone was really unacceptable to everyone. If things work the way we’re hoping, Philip and Leeza will be on a plane headed home this coming Thursday. Meanwhile the kids and I are continuing to get ready for them. I’ll be adding the 4th car seat soon and we’ve been going through all the clothes to make sure Leeza has what she needs. In a last ditch attempt to have only 2 kids in diapers at a time I started trying to potty train Grace today. I’m not sure it’s going too well. The only time she’ll tell me she has to go is after she’s been cleaned up from an accident. We’re also continuing to de-mouse the house, which is a challenge when you live in the middle of a bunch of corn fields that are being harvested. I have surprised myself by screwing up the nerve to bait, catch and dispose of mice, but I will not reset a trap that has had mice on it. As luck would have it we have a mouse (I hope it’s only one) that has learned to eat the bate without setting the trap off, so I just get out a clean one and try again. If Philip doesn’t come home soon our house is going to have set, icky traps all over it. Come home sweetie! :)

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