We had a free day today since all gov’t offices are closed until tomorrow so we’ve spent the day exploring the city. There’s no way I could include everything we saw, but it’s been a great day. We made ourselves get up this morning at a reasonable time and found out jet lag feels a lot like having a newborn…we’ve felt like that for most of the past 4 years so that was no biggie. :) We were a little late for church services and I still hadn’t found a head covering so I couldn’t go in anyway (they’re all Orthodox Christian over here) so we headed out to see some of the larger, historical churches and the palace. We came across the ‘monkey fountain’ several other families have written about recently. They monkey did try to talk us into a photo, but we knew to be very clear about saying ‘NO’ so he left us alone quickly. To his credit, he spoke some of the best English we heard all day.

And we managed to get a picture without him trying to jump in…

And then spent forever trying to find the palace, which we finally found…only to realize it’s been under reconstruction since 2004 and doesn’t look like it’ll be finished anytime soon. I’m sure it was very pretty at one time.

After a bit more looking we found the churches…and at least 5 wedding parties. There’s one behind us.

And the beautiful church. We got to watch a baby dedication inside and tried to figure out who all the saints were that people were praying too.

Later we found the ‘souvenir street,’ which I believe is somewhere close to where our SDA appointment will be tomorrow. I absolutely loved one style of shirt that unfortunately turned out to be one of the most expensive things on the street. Alas, it shall have to stay there, but we had a great time looking.I have no idea how these women walk on this road in high heels!

And at the top of the hill is St. Michael’s Church.

After much looking (we were working with poorly drawn maps in different languages…it was challenging) we also found St. Sophia’s Church.

On our way back to the apartment we went back by the monkey fountain and they were having a concert. We went back to the same Ukrainian restaurant for dinner and tried a few new items and noticed that the lady who yelled at us yesterday looked much happier today (probably because we weren’t in her line!). After dinner we again walked forever trying to find a spot with wifi and finally found a coffee shop (one the 3 words I can now read in Russian!). We didn’t want to spend much so I picked the least expensive thing on the menu, which happened to be ginger juice. I thought I would be brave and try something new. I should have paid attention to the waitress’ expression when I ordered. I only got a tiny bit in my mouth and I’ve spent the last 10 minutes coughing so hard she brought me some water! Next time I’ll spring for something a little more expensive. :)

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