We have court tomorrow!!! It seems like we should be nervous about tomorrow, but we’re both just excited to finally be at this point and looking forward to our waiting period starting. Our appointment is for 12:30pm (4:30am for you guys at home), but we’ve been warned that we probably won’t see the judge on time so I’m bringing a good book to pass the time. After court we’ll try to squeeze in a visit with Leeza and then head home to get me packed up because I’m scheduled to head out for Kiev with the Clarke’s who are going home with their new daughter (yeah!). I’ll spend the day in Kiev and head out very early Sunday morning to start the loooong flight back home. I’m so excited to see our other kids and give them huge hugs! I keep thinking of all the things I’ll be so glad to see again (besides the people, obviously)…my house, my bed, water I can drink from the tap, Pam (yes, I’ve missed my cooking spray…do you know how bad food sticks without it?!), clothes that fit (don’t know if it’s the lack of a dryer or if I’ve lost weight but I’m cinching up my pants), clean Iowa air, American milk, peanut butter, my elliptical, and a rear view mirror with 3 (soon to be 4) little car seats in it.

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