We had Leeza’s ortho appointment today and were greeted by Dr. Dietz with, ‘Hello…you’re going to get to know me very well over the next 10 years.’ Apparently a growing child will have a LOT of ortho appointments. Today he just checked her out and sent us over to get her fitted for some prosthetics to help stabilize her feet/ankles and prevent her feet from becoming more misshapen. There’s nothing we can do about her hips being out of joint. Years ago they used to try surgery and different therapies and they learned it caused more harm than good so Leeza will remain very flexible. :) He said sometimes he can just look at a child and definitely tell whether or not they’ll be able to walk eventually, but he had to admit that he just didn’t know what to think about Leeza. For now we’ll wait until the prosthetics come in (in 2-4 weeks) and see how she does with them. After she’s comfortable with them we can start some PT/OT with her.

We also learned this week that her surgery for the shunt will be moved to some time in January because she has a UTI. The rate of infection after a shunt surgery is very high anyway and Dr. M refused to touch her if there might already by an ongoing infection.  We would appreciate prayers for keeping her UTI-free for long enough to have the surgery. Because of her cathing and some other issues this is going to be a real challenge. Thankfully the infections don’t bother her and her biggest concern right now is that her feet are dyed blue from the ink that was used to mark the castes for her prosthetics.

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