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We got to make the trip to Des Moines today to try our luck at getting an earlier appointment for fingerprints and it worked! While a friend watched the older kids we headed out and just prayed we weren’t wasting this trip. When we finally got there and the guard asked us what we were doing there so early all I could think to say was, ‘Because we want to.’ Brilliant, I know. Thankfully I didn’t actually say it and Philip explained why were trying to expedite the process. They were very sweet and let us do our prints today…and then we rushed back home to get the kids because our friend had received word that her daughter’s water had just broken and her grandbaby was on the way! Because we made such good time we were able to get the last paper notarized and after I get the last batch of papers faxed to Des Moines for apostilles we’re done with the dossier except for the form we’ll get from the fingerprints! It continues to amazes us how quickly this is all coming together. It was only 2 months ago that I first saw a picture of ‘Big Gracie’ and now we could be only 1-2 months away from getting a travel date. Lord willing she’ll be home by her birthday!

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