The garage sale is over and it was amazing! A couple days ago I honestly couldn’t have told you how this was all going to work, but it went so well and was such a blessing. We moved 2 HUGE business-sized trailers worth of stuff out of the church Friday night…in the biggest storm I’ve seen in a long time. We were seriously not sure whether we would get to finish because it looked like we might be in for a tornado. And then at 6am we moved it all back out of those trailers and into a water-soaked park. It might not sound like ideal conditions, but we’ve had rain for the past 2 weeks and are schedule for more all next week. In fact, Saturday has been the only totally dry day during that whole time. It was sunny, with a slight breeze and absolutely beautiful. We had constant traffic from 7am-2pm and sold so much. We had decided to price a few items, but for everything else we asked for a freewill donation and explained what we we’re raising money for. We were prepared to be taken advantage of by some people, but I never saw that happen. It was great to see how generous and encouraging people from all over our community were towards us. On top of the weather we had amazingly dedicated friends who served with us from dawn until dusk…many of whom had been at the church late the night before with us too. One family created a ‘cafe’ in the corner of the pavilion to serve food, another made sure the trailers were where we needed them at all times (this was a huge answer to prayers since we don’t have a vehicle with a hitch). Two of my Sunday school girls made and sold food to go towards Big Gracie and 3 of the girls at church volunteered their time to watch Josiah and Grace from dawn till dusk. Even Kasia pitched in…she was our official greeter at the sale and made sure each visitor got a smile and a wave.  At the end of the day what was left over was packaged up to go to kids on an Indian reservation in N. Dakota (as part of a mission trip our church is doing) and the rest was taken by a family who wanted to redistributed it to families who had recently been through a tornado.  It was truly amazing to get to see how God answered so many prayers. By the end of the day I really wasn’t even concerned with finding out what we’d earned because the day had been a success in so many other ways…but everyone was curious so we came home and counted it all up. We made just under $2200! Considering that I had never run a garage sale and we had very few big-ticket items I think we surprised everyone. There are way too many people to thank them all, but I have to thank Chelsey who co-led this with me and totally made it possible. All I can say is, ‘You rock, lady!’

In the mail Saturday we got the notification from USCIS saying that we had US approval to adopt and our paperwork had been sent to the center that will print our 171H…that’s the last piece of paper for our dossier! It’s been a great…and exhausting…weekend.

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