Hum... Can you tell she is a teacher?

We still don’t know exactly what was going on this morning, but everyone at the orphanage was putting their best foot forward for a TV news team that was there doing a story on them. We came to pick up Leeza and realized all the kids were in their best clothes with hair all done and many of the workers were in dress clothes. I think there might have been some kind of recital while we were outside and then the older kids all came out to play at once with all the doctors/therapist/extra helpers. It’s the loudest we’ve ever seen the playground. Some of the kids got to do photo shoots and other recited little things for the camera. The Canadian couple who’s here adopting was asked to do an interview as they came in and the orphanage director looked like she had some camera time too. It all wrapped up about lunch time and the workers looked pretty relieved when it was all over…it was certainly different than usual and it had the kids pretty riled up.

For the rest of the day I think I get to rest up around here while Philip helps Forrest get a ministry website up and running. He turns into tech support everywhere we go! :) We got to skype the kids again last night and then stayed up much too late, not realizing what time it was. I’m looking forward to being able to take a nap this afternoon and work on a Bible study and figure I better enjoy it because life is going to be very busy again when I get home. If things work the way we’re hoping I’ll be back Sunday afternoon!!!

P.S.  For those RR families with kids we have managed to see, there are new videos on the site in the 09-21-2010 directory.

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