So, today was simply nuts.  As much as I would love to give every little detail, I have a plane to catch in the morning and have to be up is a little under four hours.  So I will leave you with a summery; done in my best play-by-play fashion.  We will start with something you have all been waiting for though :-)

The day start with Violetta picking me up at 9am.  We go get Leeza to take her passport phone.  Her eyes are the size of silver dollars as we drive through town and she doesn’t say a word the entire time.  Head over to the other side of town to get some documents once the photo is taken just to drive back to pick up the photo, about 30 minutes later.  Then Leeza gets drop back off at the orphanage for story time while we keep running.

We first head to the passport agency just to find out there is a mistake in our request document.  Oh, and the back were we have to pay decided not to open today.  We drive around two town for a little while to find another branch and then head to the Notary for a new request document but can’t get one because Kim isn’t here to sign as well.  Back to the passport agency for the original in hopes the Notary can modify it.  Back to the Notary were good news awaits.  Back to the passport agency with corrected document.

We are told the passport will be ready at 2:30.  Violetta gets a call saying she needs to scan in our new documents and send them to Kiev for translation.  Oddly enough, someone else has always done this and she has no idea where to get documents scanned. (think about it for a minute, baring you having a scanner in you home, do you?)  Well, I just happened to notice the Ferdon’s had a scanner so I give them a call.  Violetta looks a little shocked when I tell her I can get it done, but I do.  (Thanks Forrest!!)

So, documents are scanned, we have gifts for the orphanage workers, so off to get the passport and head to the bank (which just opened from break) to transfer the donation funds to the orphanage.  Everything goes smoothly at the first branch (yep, we have to go to two) and every thing goes smoothly at the second… Until they realize the power has been off for street construction all day and they have no idea when it will be back on.  They did all the paperwork, but none of their cashier equipment works to actually give me the money.  So, they ask we we can come back at 5:30 to check if the power is back on.  I said I would if I had to while saying a quick prayer.  The power turns on before I can finish my answer and we get the cash and head back to the orphanage.

We get back at about 4:30pm and say thank you to all the staff and let them say their good-byes.  We then stop by the play room to say bye to all our new friends.  Once this is done we head down to the car to go back to the apartment.

Leeza really enjoys the car ride and seeing new people at the apartment (Valerie and her daughter were just heading to the train station).  We Skype Kim and the other kids and enjoy chatting.  Then Leeza enjoys seeing her videos on the blog.   At about 6:20pm we head down stairs to meet the Ferdon’s who were taking us out to celebrate.   Walking outside I see the wide eyes of wonderment turn to panic and fear.  I am wondering if she has ever been outside at night?  She calms down with a few whimpers and all is well again when we get in the Van.

We have a great time at dinner and loved the company.  Leeza was the star of the evening and did very well, even if she didn’t eat anything.  Once back at the apartment I see the same fear and confusion when I get her ready for bed.  I can tell this is completely foreign to her but can’t do much to relieve her anxiety.   Once Leeza was ready for bed and actually saw her bed I think she realized she wan’t going back.  I have three small kids, and have seen tears of anger, tears of joy, tears of frustration, tears of hurt, and even tears of regret;  Nothing comes close to seeing genuine tears of fear.

Leeza has proven to be a very soft hearted and happy little girl.  Much like a little puppy that sees the joy in almost everything.  It was hard to hold and hug knowing that right then, I was not what she wanted, but rather what she was fearful of.  After a few minutes, she calmed down and let me lay her down.  I pulled up the blanket and sat beside her.  After 45 minutes of the occasional cry and echoing whimper, the readjustment of the arm or leg, Leeza fell asleep.

I am now praying that Jesus will meet her in her dreams and provide the comfort of normalcy that was so coldly missing from her night-time routine.  Hopefully when she wakes up she will have a renewed strength to see the day as an adventure and know that I will be right beside her.  Here’s to hoping the airplane, tomorrow, is as fascinating as the car was.

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