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We received the information for our dossier this week and the next round of paperwork has begun! Philip’s passport should be arriving early next week and once we get the number off of it we can send in the first set of papers to be notarized and eventually sent to our facilitator in Ukraine. We’re in the process of getting medical exams set up for Philip and me and are hoping to set the dates and get details figured out for our dinner and garage sale fund raisers. We also heard back from our friend who has contacts in the Ukraine and he’s hopeful there will be someone in our region to help us with housing and transportation. Each morning one of my prayers is that God would give us the jobs he has for us to do that day so we can keep steadily working towards our goal without getting overwhelmed and so far that prayer has been answered every day.

One of the papers in our dossier folder included Grace’s real name, which was unexpected and fun to finally know. We have been told not to share this information about her for her safety and the safety of the adoption process…that is very hard! We’ve always been the ones to immediately tell when we’re pregnant and the name we’ve picked out and now we have to wait. We do know at this point that we will probably use the American version of her name so that people can pronounce it. And even though we can’t share her name yet it is helpful for me to start praying for her by the name we’ll use and getting used to the idea of it.

Ok, I promised the big kids we could go outside when I finished this and they’re getting antsy. Better go enjoy some sunshine!

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