Leeza is officially a Dean…again. We went to court today to petition for a US birth certificate which transfers all her paperwork to America and we can stop trying to keep up with all the different court decrees and translations from Ukraine. Trying to fill out the paperwork was challenging because it had places for the birth mom info and adoptive mom info, which seems straight forward except that on all paperwork I’m already listed as her mom (since she was already adopted in Ukraine). I messed up the form pretty good, but they still granted our petition and we got pictures with the judge and I think we’re finally done with court work!

Also good news, we got her SS# recently so we also were able to get our handicapped parking placard!! It may seems like a lame thing to get excited about, but with 4 kids (2 who can’t walk) and tons of snow this is a HUGE help. It really is fun getting to park right up front. :)

On the medical front, we’re still trouble shooting her GI care and trying a slightly different program to see if it works better. We now get to wake her up late at night to cath her one more time and while that’s not really much fun, it IS funny that she can sleep through it. That simply amazes me. Her prosthetics should be here in the coming weeks and we’ll get to see how she does with those and we’re still waiting to hear when the shunt surgery will be rescheduled. We’ve been told to expect sometime in January.

In our downtime we’ve been getting ready for Christmas with books, Advent calendars, cookies, music, Bible stories, wrapping presents and keeping Kasia out of the wrapped presents. Leeza has just figured out that some of the bags have her name on them and she’s intrigued. If she knew there was stuff for her in them I don’t think we could keep her out of them. Sometimes her lack of understanding is helpful. :)

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