I sent out a plea for prayer last night and today we finally got a few answers, even if they weren’t what I really wanted to hear. It turns out we’ve haven’t heard a court date because our judge has been out of town and our Interpol paper is taking FOREVER to get here from Kiev. The judge is supposed to be back today so our facilitator is trying to get in to her today or tomorrow and we’re asking for a court date for this Friday, which is when that Interpol paper should be here. I had really hoped we could get our date earlier in the week so I could be on my way home this weekend, but it doesn’t look like that’s a possibility. Assuming we get in Friday I would then need to find a way to get back to Kiev (hopefully I could get on the plane or train Saturday) and I just petitioned the US Embassy for an appointment on Monday to sign my papers. In the states I wouldn’t be too worried about this time line working out. Over here I’ve learned not to assume anything is going to happen on time. Please keep praying that we’ll find favor with all these people and that we can get on with this process and get home.

We had a good visit with Grace today and now I’m off to see if I can bake some bread. This should be an adventure as our oven doesn’t actually have any temperature settings…you just adjust the flame to something that looks appropriate and go with it. Here’s to hoping I don’t make a hockey puck!

…later in the day…

Ok, so we heard that there is an option for me to fill out the Embassy papers once I get back to the States and then have them rushed back over here, which might help me not get stuck in Kiev over the weekend waiting for the Embassy to reopen. We’ll have to wait to see when the judge agrees to see us before we can figure out which scenario makes more sense.

And the focaccia isn’t a hockey puck, but it’s certainly not focaccia either! It didn’t rise much so it’s more like a soft cracker, but it’s kinda of good. I’m wondering if I bought some weird kind of flour. Or maybe it could have something to do with the fact that I didn’t have anything to measure ingredients in except a baby bottle.

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