Yeah, we feel this way too sometimes. She is getting pretty good at this face. :-)

We’ve finally been given a court date for this Friday at 12:30pm. That also marks 1 month since we’ve been gone. There are some beautiful things about this country (like our daughter!), but trust me, I will be on the first plane out of here once court is over! The court system in our city is in a mess. One judge is on leave for a month. Another is sick and on indefinite leave. The last one, who has agreed to see our case, had to renew her license and it’s not good again until this Friday so that’s the earliest we could get in. We’re not sure what happened to the investigation of the courts that we’d heard about last week. We also found out today that one of the papers that was given to part of our team from Leeza’s birth town, which is needed for this court date, is a copy instead of an original so it’s inadmissible in court and they will have to go back out there before court to get the original. And because of a translation error there is now a problem with the fact that Leeza just turned 4. Our home study approved us for a child up to the age of 4, but when it was translated it made it sound like we could only have a child under the age of 4. I wanted to scream that if they’d given us a court date when they should have she wouldn’t have even BEEN 4 yet, but I figured that wouldn’t do much good. Our facilitator has said we can get both of these kinks worked out before Friday and if they’re not that judge is going to see this American Mama do the ugly cry right there in her court room. Assuming we don’t have any other problems I’m hoping to get to Kiev Saturday and hop on the first flight to Chicago I can find.

Since I have another week here I might still get to see the invalid orphanage. Forrest has been trying to get in with us for a couple weeks and is having trouble getting the director on the phone. They are more picky about who comes and when, partially because the kids don’t see many people so their immune systems aren’t as strong as they could be otherwise. However, offering to bring a load of disposable diapers usually seems to gain him admission so we’re hoping it will be a win-win situation. The process of deciding where each child will go as they age out of the baby house is a bit mysterious, but we believe this is where Leeza would have been going soon since she can’t walk and isn’t potty trained.

Speaking of the cutie, we had another good visit today. She found the music function on Philip’s phone and spent the morning rocking out to Toby Mac. She’s agreed to call me ‘Mama’ now (instead of just ‘ma’) and she’s trying to say please (it sounds more like ‘clease’). Manners here are very different and we decided we could wait to teach her some things, but saying ‘Please’ was not one of them. She’s catching on quickly and is learning to be a little less harsh when she asks us for things. We’ve had a few other firsts this week that somehow make her feel more like our daughter…she has officially pooped and peed on us. And we didn’t really care. Not that is wasn’t gross…it always is…but in my mind somehow you’re not really a parent until you’ve had a diaper explode on you and you still hold that little person close to you because you love them. And then you run to find the wet wipes!

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