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Our paperwork has hit a little bump and we’re hoping it will be cleared up soon. We received a call from the officer processing our I600A form (the one for the US gov’t) saying we didn’t include enough information in our homestudy about how we are preparing ourselves and our home to accommodate Grace’s condition. Our social worker has written plenty of studies for this country before and never had a problem like this so we’re not sure why this is happening, but we’re trying to reword a few parts and then will have to resubmit the study before the US gov’t will give us the form to complete our dossier. Thankfully the officer did call us instead of just making us wait for a letter to arrive and our social worker  responded almost immediately to help us fix this. We’re hoping to have it cleared up next week so the officer can continue processing our form. Please be praying that we get it all fixed now so don’t have problems with it when it’s sent overseas.

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