We are booking our tickets right now!!! Looks like we’ll be flying out the 27th, hitting Frankfurt on the way there and getting to Kiev very early on the 29th. Little Grace and I spent the morning out getting a mattress, sheets and a few clothes for Big Grace while Philip, Josiah and Kasia continued to get the little girls’ room put together. Everything is finally finding it’s spot and the kids are pretty excited. We decided to share Big Grace’s real name with the kids today because Little Grace just can’t seem to understand that we’re talking about someone else and really has no idea what’s going on. Every time we pray that Big Grace is having a good day or eating something yummy she chimes in with, ‘Oh, Yeah!’, thinking we’re talking about her. Hopefully this will clue her in a little and help the transition some. :)

We also recieved word from our in-country facilitation team that the apartment that’s been offered to us is within walking distance of Grace’s orphanage! It’s great to have that confirmed and I’m so glad we won’t have to rely on a taxi every time we go to see her. We are very excited to meet the missionary family that is housing us and had fun picking up a few ‘American goodies’ for them this morning that aren’t available over there. It totally blows my mind that in 2 weeks we’ll be on our way. We’re so excited to finally be this far and yet hating the thought of leaving our other children for so long. This will be quite an adventure!

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