Just when I figured the poor kids’ hair couldn’t possibly get any worse we realize she has surgical glue ALL OVER her incision. She hasn’t been aloud to bathe for almost 3 weeks,  a fourth of her hair is shaved and she has a mom who is still trying to figure out what to do with those beautiful curls. Her ‘do is a bit funky right now. On the up side, she doesn’t really care, she has cute hats thanks to Nanny and Mrs. Marcia and the sutures are off! We just got back from the U to have them removed and she gets to take a bath tomorrow. It took 3 of us to hold her down and the promise of a cookie for lunch to get those sutures out, but it’s done and she’s having fun showing off her scars to Josiah.

She also had some MRIs done today and I got to see how much the ventricles in her brain are starting to shrink because of the shunt. There has been some big change, especially towards the center of her brain. Because it’s changed so quickly there is a thin layer of fluid around her brain so they decided not to change the pressure on the shunt today to give her brain a chance to regulate itself. We’ll go back in a month to check it again and possibly change the pressure. By that time we should be getting close to the pressure they want to plan the spinal surgery. All in all the appointments went well today. And once again, our church family bailed us out of a tight spot by watching some of the other kids who were sick while I took Leeza in. Thank you! Next week we see Urology and Orthopaedics again.