The Praise: I’m a little slow getting this up here, but I wanted to share that Gage (remember the little boy we posted about while we were in Leeza’s orphanage?) has a family committed to him! Very much like Leeza, he gives everyone around him the feeling that there’s tons going on in that little head and it’s exciting to know he’ll now have a family to help him express it. Lord willing, he will never have to see an institution because they are working as fast as they can to get to him. You can check out their blog at

The Funny: Our regular storytime librarian was gone this week and her replacement was doing his best to keep his young crowds’ attention. With the oldest child being 5 and the youngest 10 months, he had his work cut out for him! Leeza has never sat through an entire book, probably because she has no idea what we’re saying, but for some reason he really had her attention and she was right up in front listening to him. He continued to read as one little boy rearranged all the carpet squares, Grace talked loudly, Kasia fussed a little in the back, and Josiah refused to come anywhere near him. Towards the end of the book Leeza shot her hand in the air like she had a question and you could see his face light up that one of the kids was really interested in what he was reading. He sweetly asked her what her question was….and she sweetly stared back at him because she had no idea what he was saying. I’m pretty sure I burst his bubble when I had to announce that she didn’t speak any English.