Leeza has picked up on the English language very quickly and is generally doing pretty well with it. Pronouns, however, just really confuse her. Most of the time she will only use ones that refer to herself so we get a lot of, “Will I help me?” or “Will I play with me?” We’ve been rephrasing these for her for months, but we’re not making much headway. In an attempt to clarify it for her this evening I overheard Philip explaining it this way…

‘Leeza, you are me and I am you. You is I and me. I is you. See?

I just had to giggle from the kitchen because even I was confused by the end of that. But, who knows? Maybe she’ll remember it this time!

The Dad here…. just to get that odd little gem above out of your head, here is a video of one of our Neurosurgery visits.  We “stopped” in for an MRI and visit on our way down to Texas to visit with Kim’s family.  As luck would have it we ended up with almost a two hour wait.  So, what else do you do with four kids under five in a 6′ x 10x room full of medical equipment? We weren’t sure so we recorded it. I hope you enjoy!