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The journey to bring our little girl home

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Hmmm, Kim is home with three small kids and she still beats me to the blog.  Thanks sweetie!!  I love you!

Ok, so the gameplan for this week is for Philip to finish celebrating his birthday tonight and then hit the ground running tomorrow. He needs to do a little shopping for thank you presents for the care takers who have been so good to Leeza at the orphanage before he finally gets to take her out of there for the last time! We had decided to leave her there while he finished up the bulk of the paperwork and running around because it really would have been very difficult to carry her around and keep her occupied in all the government offices he’s been stuck in and leaving the orphanage is usually a pretty scary thing for the kids. We’d been advised to leave her where she was comfortable until he was just about ready to leave the region. It will be interesting to hear what she thinks of being on the outside….her first bath, first restaurant, first day where tea cookies and porridge aren’t major parts of her diet, first airplane ride, first time to not live in a room with 14 other kids and the first time she’ll be cared for by the same person for more than an 8 hour shift. They will have a few other errands to run before they can leave and then they’ll be headed to Kiev to do what’s necessary at the American Embassy. Lord willing, they will be on a flight home by Thursday morning and our family will be together that evening!

I do have a couple prayer requests….the first is a praise that they are planning to meet the couple who first blogged about Leeza 8 months ago, which is how we found out about her. They are also in Ukraine right now for the adoption of their 2 girls and should be in Kiev at the same time. It seems fitting that God would allow our families to cross paths there at the end of our journey. The second is that God would provide Philip and Leeza with comfortable flights on the way back. I ended up being asked to move to Economy Plus on my long flight (they didn’t have to ask me twice!) and it was SO much better than the seats on the way there! It may seem like a silly prayer, but I’m hoping He will provide comfort for them as well so they can enjoy their flight and get some rest. I don’t know that I’ll hear from them much until they arrive home (internet service is pretty spotty over there), but we’ll definitely let you know when they get home!

We’re Off!


After a somewhat crazy morning of last minute packing (and re-packing because Grace kept ‘helping’) we got out on time and dropped the kids off. They were so excited to be at Mrs. Susans’ house that we had to make them say good bye to us. I thought I did pretty well…I cried, but I pulled myself together again fairly quickly. We hopped from Cedar Rapids to Chicago and we’re now 37,000 ft over Canada with about 5 more hours to go until we get to Frankfurt. After a short layover we’ll head on over to Kiev and try to figure out what time it is. :)

So far, so good. We’ve met a few other families adopting (not RR families) and made friends with Constantine, a Greek man living in Germany. I haven’t flown without kids in about 6 years and this is SO much more relaxing! I think we’re about to try to get a few hours of sleep …and if that fails start watching the movies that Philip put on our computer. I’ll get to watch more movies in the next 3 weeks than I have in the last 4 years.

Night, night!….

…We’re now over Dublin and there hasn’t been any sleep. Philip dozed for a bit, but I just can’t sleep sitting up. I know, it’s supposed to be a prerequisite to becoming a parent, but somehow my body just doesn’t seem to do it. However, I got to watch a goofy movie, listen to some Perspectives sessions (the class that got us into this adoption in the first place), snuggled with Philip and prayed for the Indian family whose little boy cried for half the flight (he’s finally sleeping and I bet they’re exhausted). I think we’re just an hour or so out of Frankfurt!….

…Sittin’ in Frankfurt, waiting for our connection to Kiev. I’ve been stalked by a lady who insists on cleaning the bathroom every time someone gets close to it (she’s really kind of funny) and we’re enjoying all the interesting outfits. We are entering the land of high heels and skin-tight pants and it’s hard not to stare at some of the fashion statements….

…eating dessert in TGI Friday’s in Kiev (so we can use their Wifi). We made it! We have our apartment, a phone and have done a little grocery shopping with Niko, our driver and translator for now. This is a very odd place. We’ve almost been run off the sidewalk by a car that wanted to park there, managed to get dinner at a Ukrainian ‘fast food’ restaurant (and we were yelled at by the serving lady…it was actually funny), ate pickle soup (I thought I was getting borscht…guess not) and made it through ‘customs,’ which was only a few scanners that you could go through if you chose. If you didn’t, and no one was, you just walked by and into Kiev. This place is a mixture of old European-style palace buildings, many run down tenement apartments, a few modern businesses and old Soviet buildings. At any rate, we’re here and we’re REALLY tired. So here’s the post and now we’re headed to bed and looking forward to a slow day tomorrow.