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A Bump

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Our paperwork has hit a little bump and we’re hoping it will be cleared up soon. We received a call from the officer processing our I600A form (the one for the US gov’t) saying we didn’t include enough information in our homestudy about how we are preparing ourselves and our home to accommodate Grace’s condition. Our social worker has written plenty of studies for this country before and never had a problem like this so we’re not sure why this is happening, but we’re trying to reword a few parts and then will have to resubmit the study before the US gov’t will give us the form to complete our dossier. Thankfully the officer did call us instead of just making us wait for a letter to arrive and our social worker  responded almost immediately to help us fix this. We’re hoping to have it cleared up next week so the officer can continue processing our form. Please be praying that we get it all fixed now so don’t have problems with it when it’s sent overseas.

Give It A Try

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Got a prayer request…we’re making an impromptu trip to Des Moines tomorrow to see if we can get in to have our fingerprints done. This is about 3 weeks earlier than our scheduled appointments, but we’ve talked to several families in Iowa who have been able to do this and we’re hoping it works for us. Please be praying for favor with the officials there and that the big kids act good for our friends who so generously agreed to watch them.

Also got a praise…after a bit of an upset with Kasia’s weight (as in she’s not gaining suddenly) I can’t put milk away for her anymore. When I calculated how much milk I have stored it came out to 2.5 weeks, exactly the amount of time that first trip is supposed to take. That’s great, but it means we’d have a problem if I had to stay longer or go back. Philip checked at work today to see if vacation time could be donated so he could take time off without having to go without pay for a month and they said it would be no problem! He still has to do some paperwork and the time has to be donated, but what looked like a huge obstacle last night suddenly seems to be smoothing out again. And so we keep walking through those open doors….


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I only have a minute, but we have a few prayer requests…

• Our application to Life Song has been received and is in the review process. We are hoping for a rather large matching grant through them and were told it could take 6-8 weeks to hear anything back. We’ve also submitted several other applications with other organizations and are hoping something else might be granted.

• Our appointments with the USCIS office were granted, but for almost 4 weeks out…and on different days. Since we have to drive to DesMoines we’re hoping to get them together. We’re also hoping we can talk someone into letting us in sooner (we’ve heard this sometimes happens). continue reading…

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This is just an update on the Lia Sophia Party…it’s ending this week! All online sales will end this Friday (so if you’ve been meaning to order you need to click on the button to the right soon!) so Tracy can submit them and get the jewelry sent out to everyone who ordered. We want to thank everyone who participated and we’ll look forward to seeing you all glammed up in new necklaces and earrings!

As far as the adoption progress we are making good headway. I’m hoping the final copy of the home study will be in the mail today and when that’s in hand I’m almost ready to send out our petition to the US government. continue reading…

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We’ve spent the last few days filling out the first papers for our dossier, getting them notarized and sending them to Des Moines to be apostilled so they can be sent to Ukraine. This first batch are the papers that let their government know that someone is trying to adopt Grace and asks for their permission to continue with the process. We were told to get these sent out ASAP so as soon as we received Philip’s new passport I entered the information and we got moving. Notarizing a batch of papers with 3 small kids in tow proved to be quite an experience and I was beginning to wonder if the notary was going to write something like, ‘These people don’t need another child right now!’ on our paperwork. It was late afternoon and both big kids were pretty wound up. Josiah kept running circles around the bank and Grace managed to sneak away and into the bank vault. We were all relieved when it was over. continue reading…

A Little Closer


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We received the information for our dossier this week and the next round of paperwork has begun! Philip’s passport should be arriving early next week and once we get the number off of it we can send in the first set of papers to be notarized and eventually sent to our facilitator in Ukraine. We’re in the process of getting medical exams set up for Philip and me and are hoping to set the dates and get details figured out for our dinner and garage sale fund raisers. We also heard back from our friend who has contacts in the Ukraine and he’s hopeful there will be someone in our region to help us with housing and transportation. Each morning one of my prayers is that God would give us the jobs he has for us to do that day so we can keep steadily working towards our goal without getting overwhelmed and so far that prayer has been answered every day. continue reading…



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We’ve been warned that adoption is a process of hurrying up so you can wait and that’s already begun. The director of RR is back in town, but buried in emails and trying to catch up as fast as she can. While we understand that she’s doing the best she can we are impatient because we’re excited to get things moving and find out more about ‘Grace.’ I keep checking my email every couple of hours to see if she’s written, but so far I haven’t heard anything other than that she received all of our paperwork and check. continue reading…

Home Study Underway

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The Joys of Paperwork

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The home study has begun! We’re driving home from Des Moines after meeting with our social worker and turning in a stack of paperwork. It’s been a long week of staying up after the kids go to bed to work on applications, financial statements, reference letters and copies. We need to get our fingerprints done and sent in to start the background checks and then we wait about a month for them to come back and the home study to be complete. We also sent in our first commitment paper for Grace yesterday and hope to get the other one sent out tomorrow. As several of you have noticed, she has been moved from the ‘Waiting Children’ site and is now listed as having found a forever family. When all of our paperwork and deposit has reached Reece’s Rainbow (and the director gets back in town) we will be officially matched with her and can start fund raising. It is very exciting to have this started! continue reading…